Genesis Crank Up Pontoon Trailers

Genesis Crank Up Pontoon Trailer
Hydraulic Lift Option
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$2,029.00 - $4,588.00

Genesis Crank Up Pontoon trailers feature an all welded hot dipped steel galvanized frame, single or tandem axle, submersible lights, and marine carpeted bunks. Pontoon trailers are available for pontoon boat lengths from 10' to 28'. Electric and hydraulic brake options available for single or tandem axles. Get your pontoon boat in and out of the water simply using a Genesis Pontoon trailer. Built heavy-duty for years of reliable service.

Pontoon trailers cannot be shipped and must be picked up in Holland Michigan.

Some states require brakes on one or both axles (on tandem axle models). Please check your state's requirements before ordering. See brake options in options chart below.

To measure your pontoon for trailer fitment: Measure from the welding seam at the rear of the pontoon to the welding seam at the front of the pontoon and then add 4". You can then find the correct trailer using the "For Boat Length" column in the chart below. You should round up to the next largest "For Boat Length size if you are in between.



All welded, hot dipped galvanized steel frame

Single & tandem axle models available

12" wheels with 530 x 12D tires (changes to 145R x 12E tires f brakes are ordered)

Tongue jack with wheel

3 pulley hand crank winch system

The frame is approximately 40" high in the raised position & 21" in the lowered position (measured from ground to top rail)

The frame is 42" wide and the trailer is 45" wide at the tires (widest point)

4 way flat electrical connector

2" ball coupler & safety chains

42" wide frame

Pre-wired with submersible LED lights

Leaf Spring Suspension

Surelube system axle for easy bearing lubrication

1 Year Warranty


Pick Up Information:

Pontoon trailers are ordered online or by phone and then picked up in Holland Michigan when ready (normally 5 to 10 business days). Pick up times are weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM.

Due to regulatory restrictions, we cannot sell trailers to Illinois residents.




Genesis Crank Up Pontoon Trailers:
SKUDescriptionFor Boat LengthCapacityOverall Trailer Length Up / DownWeightPriceQty
PC16SSingle Axle Pontoon Trailer16'1800 LBS21' / 23'700 LBS $2,029.00
PC18SSingle Axle Pontoon Trailer18'1800 LBS23' / 25'725 LBS $2,219.00
PC18TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer18'4000 LBS23' / 25'1000 LBS $2,599.00
PC20SSingle Axle Pontoon Trailer20'1700 LBS25' / 27'800 LBS $2,309.00
PC20TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer20'4000 LBS25' / 27'1025 LBS $2,699.00
PC22TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer22'4000 LBS27' / 29'1050 LBS $2,779.00
PC24TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer24'4000 LBS29' / 31'1075 LBS $2,859.00
PC26TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer26'3970 LBS31' / 33'1030 LBS $2,989.00
PC28TTandem Axle Pontoon Trailer28'3920 LBS33' / 35'1080 LBS $3,139.00
G-SPARE12D Spare 12" Wheel with 530 x 12D Tire (order if NO brakes are ordered on trailer)25 LBS $109.00
G-SPARE12ESpare 12" Radial Wheel with 145R x 12E Tire (order only if brakes are ordered with trailer)25 LBS $115.00
G-MOUNTSpare Tire Mount (mounts spare tire to trailer)5 LBS $43.00
G-10001,000 LB Carrying Capacity Upgrade - increases trailer capacity by 1,000 LBS50 LBS $150.00
G-HYDHydraulic Lift - raises trailer hydraulically. Hand control on 4' cord and 12v battery in weather proof battery box included. Battery charger not included. 3 to 4 week lead time.150 LBS $1,449.00
G-EB1Electric Drum Brakes On 1 Axle (Vehicle Actuator Required). Tires are automatically upgraded to 145R x 12E. 25 LBS $489.00
G-EB2Electric Drum Brakes On 2 Axles (Vehicle Actuator Required). Tires are automatically upgraded to 145R x 12E. 50 LBS $629.00
G-HB1Hydraulic Drum Brakes On 1 Axle (No Vehicle Actuator Required).Tires are automatically upgraded to 145R x 12E. 25 LBS $805.00
G-HB2Hydraulic Drum Brakes On 2 Axles (No Vehicle Actuator Required). Tires are automatically upgraded to 145R x 12E. 50 LBS $1,295.00

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