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For Evoke Kayaks, the minimum purchase is 6 kayaks. You may mix and match Evoke kayaks with Sun Dolphin Kayaks, SUP boards, Canoes, and Fishing Boats to get to the minimum required order quantity.


To get a wholesale quote:

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2) Call us at 888-940-2628 Kayak, SUP Board, & Canoe Trailers


Evoke Vue 100 Kayak
Evoke Vue 100

10' Sit On Top
Rotomolded Construction

Evoke Vue 120 Lemon Lime
Evoke Vue 120

12' Sit On Top
Rotomolded Construction

Evoke Navato 100 Citron
Evoke Navato 100

10' Sit In 
Rotomolded Construction

Evoke Navato 120 Sunset
Evoke Navato 120

12' Sit In 
Rotomolded Construction