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TO ENSURE THAT YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDER FOR THE START OF THE SUMMER SEASON, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ORDER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE IN THE FALL OF 2020. specializes in selling boats wholesale to Camps, Resorts, Rental Businesses, Concessionaires, Universities, Governmental Agencies, Amusement Parks, and Outfitters.

Our focus is on wholesale kayaks, wholesale canoes, wholesale paddle boats, wholesale pedal boats, wholesale inflatable kayaks, wholesale fishing boats and wholesale water toys.

To get wholesale pricing you must purchase a minimum number of boats,or trailers from the same manufacturer. You may mix and match products in a category and across categories as long as the manufacturer is the same i,e. you could purchase 2 Sun Dolphin Pedal Boats, 2 Sun Dolphin Fishing Boats, and 2 Sun Dolphin SUP's.

Sun Dolphin - The minimum purchase is: 12 kayaks, canoes or SUP's. Can mix and match all boats types to get to the required minimum required order quantity. 

Pelican - The minimum purchase is: 12 kayaks or SUP's, 9 Canoes, 8 Pedal Boats or Fishing Boats. Can mix and match all boats types to get to the required minimum required order quantity. Please let us know if you want to mix and match and we will help you determine the minimum order quantity for your order.

Kaypark Pedal Boats - The minimum purchase is 3 pedal boats.


Prices shown for some items are MSRP. Please request a quote for lowest wholesale pricing.


To get a wholesale quote:

1) Click on one of the brands listed below to view boats. Add items to your cart and then click [Submit Items in Cart For Shipping Quote]
2) Call us at 888.940.2628 Kayak, SUP Board, & Canoe Trailers